The Floyd Russel Family History Room

The Influence of Marconi & RCA in Local Communities

June 7 - November 9, 2014 / Curated by Elia Haworth

This exhibition features local family and individual stories that illustrate how Marconi and RCA companies impacted and enriched our local communities. The Marconi installation in 1914, arrival of RCA in 1919, and later expansion in 1939 had a profound impact on the communities of Coastal Marin. In addition to national attention and new technologies, the companies provided jobs for locals and an infusion of new townspeople who moved to the area for employment. It includes a selection of personal stories of families and individuals such as Gus Kovats in Point Reyes and the family of Annie Crotts in Bolinas whose lives became entwined with these global companies.



RCA Rigging crew in 1940s Bolinas Museum Archives 2000.023.0058


RCA Bolinas Rigging Crew 1940s. Standing: Alf Haroldsen, Serafim Vierra, Walter Wagner, Tony Fontes,   Homer Ingermann, Gene Balzan,  Joe Joyce, George Kenyon Seated: Jim Bourne, Frank Briones, Harvey Crotts, Harold Bell, Shorty Luther, Joe McGrath  

Bolinas Museum Archives 2000.023.0058