The Floyd Russel Family History Room

Human Impact On Bolinas Lagoon: A Timeline

January 23 - September 10, 2016 / Curated by Kate Bimrose

Bolinas Lagoon. Photo by Elia Haworth 

Bolinas Lagoon existed for thousands of years before the residents and towns that now inhabit its watershed, yet today its future is in our hands. This fascinating and informative timeline uses text, historic photographs and maps to lead viewers through the history of human interaction with the lagoon. Generations of economic, political, social and environmental cultures have affected the lagoon’s shape and health, often tugging between resource consumption and protection. As the timeline moves into recent decades it traces concerted human effort to understand and aid the lagoon’s natural balance. Bolinas Lagoon defines the environment of this area for both wildlife and humans. Understanding the past so we can interact with the Lagoon wisely today will have a powerful effect on its unpredictable future.


Biologist Kate Bimrose is the Bolinas Lagoon Restoration Coordinator for Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.  Kate helps implementation of restoration projects for the lagoon, provides  community outreach on restoration topics, and hosts public meetings.  She also leads the removal of invasive species projects on Kent Island.