From Here

April 11 - June 14, 2015 / Curated by Linda Samuels


Ruby Neri, Untitled, 2014, plaster, steel, ceramic, paint and wood. 60 x 24 x22 1/8 inches. Photo courtesy of the artist
Ruby Neri, Untitled, 2014, plaster, steel, ceramic, paint and wood,
Photo courtesy of the artist.


This exhibition presents a sample of the many talented young people who have grown up in Coastal Marin and are now garnering national recognition for their creative careers.

"What is the influence of where you grow up on how you develop your identity as an artist? Did they ever think any of it would translate into their adult notion of themselves as creative artists? At what point did they begin to figure out if and how their early experiences fit into the world they create as their art?"

Guest curator Linda Samuels invited a group of visual artists and writers to participate in this exhibition and asked them to share how growing up in the Coastal Marin environment influenced their lives and creativity. Samuels explains, “All of these visual artists and writers have relocated to places such as Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, in neighborhoods radically different from the rural life they experienced as children. This exhibition brings them home to their roots.”

Visual Artists:

David Korty, Ruby Neri, William Ransom, Noam Rappaport, Oona Ratclliffe,

Ole Schell,  Ivory Serra, and Shelter Serra


Gail Carriger, Alice Gregory, Stefano Resta, Lewis Samuels, Strawberry Saroyan and Rebecca Wilson